Seek First: The Warrior 60 Challenge

Seek First: The Warrior 60 Challenge

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle, forgetting the essence of our well-being and spiritual connection. But what if we could combine our physical, mental, and spiritual pursuits into one transformative challenge? Introducing the Seek First: Warrior 60 Challenge.

The Challenge:

For 60 days, participants are encouraged to:

  1. Physical Strength: Engage in a 45-minute workout. Whether it's lifting weights or engaging in high-intensity interval training, the goal is to get your heart pumping and muscles working.
  2. Endurance: Run for 1 mile. This is not just about speed, but consistency and resilience.
  3. Hydration: Drink a gallon of water. Hydration is key to overall health, and this will ensure you're giving your body the fluids it needs.
  4. Creativity & Expression: Create and post a piece of video content. Share your journey, a motivational message, or anything that resonates with the challenge.
  5. Mental Fortitude: Take a cold shower for at least 1 minute. It's a test of willpower and has numerous health benefits.
  6. Community & Support: Send an encouraging message or prayer to 3 people. We rise by lifting others.
  7. Mindfulness: Engage in deep-breathing exercises for 5 minutes or more. This helps in centering oneself and reducing stress.
  8. Spiritual Connection: Dedicate 10 minutes or more to prayer and meditation. 

Join the Community:

The power of community cannot be overstated. By joining the #SeekFirstWarrior60, you're not just taking on a personal challenge, but you're becoming part of a movement. A movement that believes in the holistic development of an individual.

Share your progress, your challenges, and your victories using the hashtag. Engage with others, offer support, and draw inspiration from fellow warriors.

Dive Deeper:

For those looking to delve deeper into the philosophy behind the challenge and to access resources, tips, and more, visit and Here, you'll find a wealth of information and a community waiting to support you on this transformative journey.

In conclusion, the Seek First: Warrior 60 Challenge is not just another fitness challenge. It's a holistic approach to self-improvement, combining physical, mental, and spiritual. Are you ready to transform? Join the challenge and seek first the best version of yourself.

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