Why You Should Lead “The Spirit Of The Lord” In Gathered Worship

The Gospel Coalition’s Songs for the Book of Luke closes with “The Spirit of the Lord,” a song about the Holy Spirit’s work in both testaments, and His work in the Church today.

As you might guess, this is a great song to lead on Pentecost Sunday, as we did at my church recently. It’s also a good companion for any sermon about the Holy Spirit, and it’s a good set piece for the Lord’s Supper.

“The Spirit of the Lord” is a modern hymn, four verses long. Listen to it here, as recorded by TGC musicians and vocalist Melanie Penn:

The first verse reminds us that the Holy Spirit was upon the prophets who spoke of the coming Messiah. The second describes the scene from Luke 4:16-30, where Jesus reads Isaiah 61 and declares Himself to be the One spoken of, in that great prophesy.

The final two verses carry this story from the cross into the birth of the Church on Pentecost. We end with an affirmation that this same Spirit moves in our hearts today:

The Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of the Lord
Is upon us, is upon us, is upon us

While many modern worship songs implore the Spirit to move in our midst or to bring revival, there aren’t as many that say, “The Spirit is here. He lives within us even now.”

“The Spirit of the Lord” was written by Bruce Benedict and Naaman Wood of Christ The King Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. Bruce and Naaman are part of a collective of worship leaders known as Cardiphonia (cardiphonia.org). Visit the Songs For The Book of Luke website for their “story behind the song,” as well as a free chord sheet and lead sheet, and a video demonstration of a way to simply lead this song on piano.



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